Good Booty Leg Workout

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After my bikini competition last month I realized the size of my leg muscles has shrunk considerably during my prep period.  Now that I am fueled with lots of food I have set out with the goal to build up my legs over the next 6 months.  Bikini division is all about the legs, but I think everyone can stand a good leg day in their routine.

When performing this workout keep in mind the weight should be kept HEAVY.  This means the last rep of each set should be very challenging, like your barely able to crank it out.  If you’re not sure how to front squat, be sure to practice with a PVC pipe or stick first.  Some other ones you might need to look over first are smith machine lunges, and smith machine squat with feet forward.


Step mill 10 min

Air Squat x 40

Reverse Lunges w/20lb dumbells x 20 (10 each leg)


Wide stance squat 6 x 3sets

Front squat 8 x 3sets

Smith machine squat (feet forward) 6 x 3

Smith machine lunges 8 reps each leg x 3 sets

Hack squat 6 x 3

Leg extension 8 x 3

Hamstring curls 8 x 3

Leg press 8 x 3

I did this workout yesterday and I am SO sore!  Remember go HEAVY!  If you aren’t struggling on your last rep you need to go heavier.  If you are not able to maintain perfect form, go slightly later.

Be safe, use a spot.


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