Turkey Loaf

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   I love my turkey loaf.  So tasty. Especially after 4 weeks of eating mostly cold white fish.

1 package Jennie-O lean ground turkey
1 package Jennie-O extra lean ground turkey
1 whole egg
Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning
Basil leaves
A dash of reduced sodium worschestire sauce
Robbie’s Brand (or any low sodium sauce free of refined sugar) BBQ sauce or sweet and sour sauce (I used both since I only had a little left of each)

Assembly Time!

Preheat oven to 380 degrees

First, crack your egg into a mixing bowl and whisk that sucker

Next, dump in both packs of turkey and generously sprinkle on the Mrs. Dash and basil. Don’t forget the worschestire, just a dash though!(save the sauce for the last step)

Now mold your mushed turkey into a log and put the sauce on top.  I used only about a couple tablespoons.

I picked up the sauce at Whole Foods but I’m pretty sure you can order it online as well.

Bake for about 30-40 minutes and boom! Turkey loaf! It looks much prettier served up on a plate 😃


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