Remembering an old lifestyle

Photo Credit: Neil Rutherford

When I was a kid I loved gymnastics.  In highschool I nurtured a love for track and field.  When I entered college I loved beer and pizza.  Unfortunatley the mirror didn’t love me back (it didn’t lie either).  The process of changing my unhealthy habits was difficult.  Why is it so easy to gain weight but so difficult to lose it?  What made the biggest influence was removing myself either from tempting, or downright negative situations (i.e. college PARTIES)  I changed what I ate (clean eating is the business) and started rock climbing and circuit training.  A few years later I became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I still struggle…ALOT.  I’m tempted by the chip bowl at a party and I LOVE the taste of junk food (anyone that says they don’t is a damn liar).  I also love eating clean and know that healthy food can be pretty tasty too.  The picture above was taken after Power Hour (a crazy class I teach based on the principle of circuit training).  Instead of drinking beer and eating crap, I’d definitely rather be doing something like this 🙂


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